SMART Bilge System Monitoring

Designed to detect a bilge problem at the early stage of development, measure water level as accurate as 1/10th of an inch, makes decisions, swap pumps, and communicate on-board and ashore. Nautic Alert leads the industry and sets the standards for how bilge management should perform.

What We Offer

IT Strategy and Architecture Consulting

When your company seeks assistance with IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, and System Design for business agility, we bring our Fortune 500 consulting experience and innovative ideas to your key projects.

IoT System Design and Integration

Embedded devices need to connect to the internet, which is facilitated through both advanced embedded systems design and back-office integration, and coupled with various web services for interaction.

Embedded Systems Design

Firmware design for microcontrollers can be an effective architecture for embedded devices, which provides the low-level control program for devices such as mobile phones, appliances, and other electronic devices.

Nautic Alert Marine Telematics

Nautic Alert is designed to operate on-board as an intelligent and learning marine telematic platform engineered to reduce risk of yacht sinking and early detection and notification of anchor slippage or unexpected movement from a mooring or dock.

Nautic Alert Advanced Integration

Nautic Alert information and event data is delivered through wireless communication using cellular or satellite services. Integration to corporate systems or to other value added applications can be accomplished through advanced system integration offered by MSI.

OEM Solutions

The Nautic Alert platform can be customized to provide custom applications and features designed for specific usage for private clients through a project engagement. The custom features will leverage the proven foundation of the Nautic Alert platform.

Nautic Alert

Engineered for Precision to Protect
and Simplicity for Use.

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Product Engineering Experience

Embedded system design, computer engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering all in one offering.

Fortune 500 IT Experience

Business agility can be gained through an effective IT strategy and an enterprise architecture aligned to the businesses goals and objectives. Our Fortune 500 experience delivers the expected results.

Quality and Innovative Solutions

Our patented innovative solutions are designed and built from inception to manufacturing all within our company to ensure a high degree of quality and customer satisfaction.

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