Bilge Pump Switches

Many marine bilge pumps rely on a float switch for activation and deactivation. It’s a simple design in which a minimum of 2 inches of water in the bilge causes the float mechanism to rise and turn the pump on. As the water is pumped out from the bilge, the float mechanism lowers causing the pump to turn off. While a simple design can be good, float switches aren’t without problems.

Bilge pump float switches are situated at the lowest part of the bilge where they tend to come in contact with water containing sand, oil, antifreeze, and other grimy substances, which can cause the float mechanism to get stuck in the on position leading to burning out the pump and in some cases depleting the DC power source. Water sloshing in the bilge can cause unnecessary cycling, and because they sit almost constantly in water, corrosion and electrical failure are common.

Nautic Alert Nevata

NEXT GENERATION Bilge Pump Switch and Controller

Nevata with Wireless Symbol_081315

Designed to replace your float switches, the patented Nautic Alert Nevata ™ is an intelligent single and dual bilge pump controller that detects bilge related events before the occurrence of a bilge high water condition using its advanced Multi-Fault Assessment capability, which conducts periodic checks of bilge system components for early event detection. Nevata communicates information to Nautic Alert Insight ™ in real time using the integrated Nautic Alert Wireless Sync network.

Nevata continuously monitors the bilge water level and turns on the pump when needed.

Nevata Measures and Learns

The Nevata intelligent bilge pump management controller uses sound waves to measure water level in a vessel’s bilge compartment from above the waterline and knows exactly how much water is in your bilge, at all times, down to 1/10 of an inch.


Nevata’s Leading Edge Technology learns the attached bilge pump characteristics in combination with or without water level measurements to control the pump activation and deactivation and to make evidence-based event decisions.

Integrated Space Saving Design

Nevata integrates traditional external components such as pump counters, manual override switches, and the bilge high water alarm into a single housing from above the waterline. Best of all, it is waterproof and designed with no mechanical parts and a solid-state marine and automotive grade design for reliability.

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