Nautic Alert Insight

Nautic Alert Insight™ is an intelligent decision-making marine computer system that processes data on-board and not on land-based servers. It displays event and concrete measured data in real time, provides notification, and manages the decision-making process for early event detection and notification.

SMART Bilge System Monitoring


When trouble starts to develop in the bilge compartment, Nautic Alert Insight monitors and keeps you informed of any unusual pump activity, pump faults, and developing high water conditions before in becomes a problem – even if you are not on-board.

SMART Geofence Monitoring


When anchored or moored and looking to get a good night sleep just activate the virtual green ring around your boat and let Nautic Alert Insight monitor for slippage or movement outside the boundary, while you sleep in peace.

SMART Centralized Management


Turn the bilge pumps on and off using wireless control from the yacht’s bridge or operating station and configure all Nautic Alert Nevata bilge pump controllers from one location.

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